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EU dispatches test into Amazon information abuse claims

The EU's ground-breaking antitrust specialist propelled an inside and out examination concerning Amazon on Wednesday, in the midst of doubts the US-based online behemoth abuses dealer information facilitated on its site.

The formal examination opens another section in the European Union's crusade to address the predominance of US tech firms with Google, Facebook and Apple additionally customary focuses of controllers in Brussels.

With its test, the EU rivalry guard dog is trying to grow its oversight forces to information, the most prized resource for Silicon Valley goliaths that presently rule web-utilize around the world.

"I have... chosen to investigate Amazon's strategic approaches and its double job as commercial center and retailer (and) to evaluate its consistence with EU rivalry leads," the EU's enemy of trust magistrate Margrethe Vestager said in an announcement.

At the core of the case is Amazon's support of outsider dealers who utilize the wor…