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Could Argentina's capacity power outage have been a cyberattack?

On Sunday, South America's capacity power outage, which influenced more than 50 million individuals, brought up issues about the strength and security of the power foundation in Argentina. 

Argentina, which has a populace of 45 million, was the nation most influenced by the blackout that began at around 7am neighborhood time (10:00 GMT).

The power outage influenced neighboring Uruguay and spilt over to Paraguay, Chile and Brazil because of the interconnectivity of these nations' capacity frameworks.

Specialists hope to comprehend the real reason for the blackout throughout the following two weeks, as an examination pushes ahead into the reason for the power outage.

The power outage ceased travel frameworks for a couple of hours and constrained specialists to scramble to finish neighborhood decisions, bringing up issues regarding why the power outage happened and how to keep it from happening again later on.