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One in, one out: A story of two Brexit MEPs

At the point when the other new individuals from the European Parliament sit down in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Barry Andrews will sit at home, unfit to go to in light of Brexit.

Lounging in the sun in Dublin, the 52-year-old Irish government official is on an undesirable occasion as he hangs tight for the seat he ought to speak to end up accessible.

He is one of 27 "profound stop" MEPs chose for seats due to be reallocated from Britain's offer when it leaves the European Union, yet stuck in limbo as it vacillates over its leave terms.

"My present position is baffling, I won't deny it," said Andrews, a previous research organization boss and veteran of the Irish parliament who speaks to the middle right Fianna Fail party which props up Leo Varadkar's Fine Gael minority government in Dublin.

"It leaves you in a troublesome position. I don't know how economical it truly is over the long haul."

Over the Irish Sea, conversely, the 29 MEPs from Br…