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Thousands walk for correspondence in Manila's Gay Pride march

Thousands joined Manila's Gay Pride walk Saturday using rainbow banners and umbrellas in a push for uniformity, only weeks after the country's chief started shock by announcing he'd been "restored" of homosexuality years prior.

While the Philippines has a notoriety of being tolerating of gay and transgender individuals, same-sex marriage is prohibited and legitimate insurances are about non-existent.

President Rodrigo Duterte has over and again utilized gay slurs against pundits, and told a group a month ago that in his more youthful days he "restored" himself of homosexuality with the assistance of "wonderful ladies".

"He's completely off-base on that one. That is not how it functions!" said marcher Noel Bordador, 55, an episcopal minister.

In any case, Bordador revealed to AFP that the gay network confronted further issues than stressing over Duterte's preposterous remarks.

"Would i be able to get hitched here? Do I h…