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Iran emergency could 'turn wild': ex-US military associate

A previous top US military consultant cautioned Sunday that pressures with Iran "could turn wild" after President Donald Trump's very late cancelation of air strikes on the Islamic republic.

Washington and Tehran have exchanged allegations since Iran shot down a US spy automaton a week ago, provoking an arrangement for retaliatory strikes that was racked when Trump chose the subsequent mass losses would not be "proportionate."

"My greatest concern is the president is coming up short on room, coming up short on alternatives and keeping in mind that talk returns and forward on how close we came to hitting Iran not more than a day or two ago, that this thing could turn wild," previous director of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen told ABC's "This Week."

"The exact opposite thing we need right currently is a war with Iran."

Trump has marked Iran a threat and in May a year ago hauled the US out of a global accord on compensating the nati…