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Key things to think about Cuba's administration changes

At the point when Cuban legislators gather Saturday to affirm another discretionary law that will adjust the nation's legislature with the reclamation of the post of leader, one crucial reality will stay unaltered: the focal and one of a kind job of the island's Communist Party.

Here are five key things you have to think about the approaching changes, which pursue the reception in April of another constitution that perceived the market yet demanded the "permanent" character of communism.

- The present framework -

Since 1976, the National Assembly, which meets two times every year, has been the primary organ of government.

Its individuals are prominently chosen, yet all hopefuls are pre-chosen by a gathering managed commission, and the quantity of applicants is indistinguishable from the quantity of seats, which means voters have no genuine decision.

The Assembly chooses the Council of State and Cuba's leader, a position involved since 2018 by Miguel Diaz-Canel.