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No, Trump doesn't call Mideast plan 'arrangement of the century'

It has turned out to be basic as of late for media reports to state Donald Trump calls his proposed Israeli-Palestinian harmony plan the "arrangement of the century," an expression seen as characteristic of Trump's land style of strategy.

Significant global media, including AFP, have said the name was given by the president, yet in certainty it shows up there is no record of him utilizing it in broad daylight.

It appears the primary significant use of the expression begins from a 2017 gathering among Trump and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

From that point forward it has been utilized generally in the Arab world and by Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, especially by those contradicted to the arrangement.

The causes 

Not long after his unexpected decision triumph in November 2016, president-elect Trump gave a meeting to The Wall Street Journal.

Marking it the "war that never closes," he called accomplishing Israel-Palestinian harmony "a definiti…