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Rethinking Plastic: Turning Waste into Products

Container vessels in Cameroon and reused gum in Britain: How to handle the scourge of plastic waste tormenting our planet. 

The blast of plastic waste over the globe is compromising the very survival of life on the planet.

Consistently, up to 12 million metric huge amounts of plastic enter our seas, and plastic waste in the earth is set to significantly increase in the following decade - harming marine life, littering scenes and stopping up conduits.

"The size of the plastic issue is gigantic ... On the off chance that you take a gander at our present economy it's overwhelmingly straight. We remove a material starting from the earliest stage, make something out of it and afterward most of that material escapes," says Dame Ellen MacArthur, the organizer of Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

"We have to move that economy to be one that utilizations materials instead of employments them up ... To construct a round economy for plastic ... we have to upgrade the manner in which…