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Ryder Cup neglects to send golf taking off in France

Over nine months after Tiger Woods and the Ryder Cup went to the Paris rural areas, there is sparse proof that facilitating the occasion has given golf an additional bob in France. 

The craze that struck Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines toward the finish of last September, when Woods and the Americans lost to Europe on the Albatross course at Le Golf National more than three extravagant days, has dissipated.

Day by day life has returned in French golf with no indication of the guaranteed upheaval.

There is little proof that France is drawing more golf visitors or that the French are playing more.

As a rule, most courses have seen little change in nearby investment, despite the fact that there are a few special cases.

"We haven't seen such development in around 10 years. We have 40% more enrolled players than a year ago," said Pierre-Andre Uhlen, chief of Ugolf, an organization that oversees around 50 greens in France.

"Plainly the Ryder Cup affected us. We've been feel…