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The tale of 'Mariam', held hostage as a sex slave in Tripoli

On February 13, InfoMigrants got a misery call from a 16-year-old Ivorian young lady being kept as a sex slave in Tripoli. For half a month, columnists at InfoMigrants spoke with her on WhatsApp. They have called her Mariam.  

She said she was secured a house in a neighborhood of the Libyan capital. She called her captor, "Monsieur."

"Consistently, he brings me to his room and powers me to engage in sexual relations with him. Once in a while he hits me on the face or on the stomach. When I don't need him to contact me, he hits me. I'm reluctant to kick the bucket."

Mariam said that at first he needed cash in return for her opportunity. "In any case, since I have nothing, he mishandles me."

"He said on the off chance that I attempted to flee, he would execute my younger sibling. My 6-year-old sister was with me."

"She doesn't talk much any longer," Mariam says. "Do you believe unfortunately she has quit talking?"