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A Saudi princess, a guardian and a worker: French preliminary to open

The ruler of Saudi Arabia's girl is a "minding, humble" individual who is the casualty of false charges that she requested a protector to whip a laborer in her extravagance level in Paris, the princess' legal counselor said. 

Princess Hassa bint Salman is expected to go on preliminary in absentia on Tuesday on charges of complicity to brutality with a weapon and complicity to hijack an Egyptian-conceived craftsman who was doing fixes at her dad's home on the selective Avenue Foch in September 2016.

As indicated by the prosecution, seen by Reuters, laborer Ashraf Eid told police the guardian bound his hands, punched and kicked him and constrained him to kiss the princess' feet after she blamed him for shooting her on his mobile phone.

The protector was set under formal examination on doubt of equipped viciousness, robbery and holding somebody without wanting to and denied abandon Oct. 1, 2016.

Eid told police that as he was being beaten, Princess Hassa treated…