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US sanctions four Iraqis for rights mishandles, defilement

The United States is endorsing two Iraqi volunteer army pioneers and two previous governors for human rights misuses and debasement, the US Treasury Department declared on Thursday.

Ahmed al-Juburi, the previous legislative head of Iraq's Salaheddin region, was endorsed for debasement and has likewise "been known to ensure his own advantages by obliging Iran-sponsored intermediaries," Treasury said in an announcement.

Two local military pieders, Renaissance, and Waddue Kudo - one of whom is Christian and a minority minority - both of them were supported by "originated from the real human rights" by their or her allies.

VP Mike Pence said the United States was forcing sanctions on the pioneers of two Iranian-connected volunteer army bunches in Iraq, yet the Treasury explanation made no notice of the leaders being attached to Iran.

"Let me get straight to the point, the United States won't stand inertly while Iranian-upheld volunteer armies spread dread…